Hong Kong is a cosmopolitan city. It is recognized that Hong Kong’s success as a modern and commercially prosperous place is partly due to the significant contributions made by people in the fields of science and technology in the past. Although there are many institutions and associations, industrialists, academics and professionals involved in the development of science and technology, it is considered that their activities are mostly in a “vertical” direction and cannot develop a “horizontal integration” among the contributory elements in the development of science and technology. However, there is rarely a manufactured product requiring scientific and technological inputs related to just one profession or one field of knowledge.

The Hong Kong Association for the Advancement of Science and Technology (the Association) with its highly integrative and multi facet nature, will promote of “horizontal” communication amongst the members of these institutions associations and industry. This, together with the “vertical” nature of various other institutions and associations which are already in existence, be undertaken within a close network of inter-professionalism with enhanced cooperation and coordination amongst the individuals involved. This will be an invaluable contribution towards the prosperity of Hong Kong.

With the above concept in mind, a promoters’ meeting was held on the 25th March 1985 for the establishment of the Association. On the 19th June 1985, the Association was founded. Prof. Chan Yau-Wa was elected the founding President.

The Association has now over 200 members, all of whom are professionals, academics and industrialists from different disciplines with good standing. Many of them are presidents of their respective Institutions or leading figures in their own industries.

Membership of the Association consists of Fellow, Member, Associate, Affiliate, Companion and Company Members.